How To Log Your Miles

You will be logging your miles directly into the RunSignUp System. You will get an email with instructions for you to upload directly.  If you do not get the email, you can follow the below instructions. If you are having any trouble, please contact: info@runtasticevents.com

Now that you’ve signed up and are ready to accomplish something amazing, you can log activities directly from the results page (Click Here) by clicking on Submit Virtual Results or by finding your previous results and then using the “Log Activities” button in the top section.

Your Results submission page now looks a little different and you can log a single activity at a time. To edit previous activities, click on Manage Activity. Your review results option is at the bottom:

If you are not logged in you will be able to log results for a person if you know the email address or last four digits of their phone number.

If you have any questions on this, email: info@runtasticevents.com