• Do Runtastic Virtual Races count toward the Runtastic Events Series Discount?

    No. The Runtastic Series discount is only applied when you register for 2 or more location distances in one transaction. Virtual Races are excluded from the discount.

  • Will the race be canceled because of the weather?

    The race will not be canceled for weather.

  • Where can my family watch me run?

    To watch and support your runners please find a viewing area that allows you to drive and park without interfering with the runners or course. Please park in parking lots. Do not park along the runner’s path (course).

  • For winter races: Are the roads and trails snowplowed or de-iced?

    We do our best to keep the courses as runner-friendly as possible. This includes snowplowing portions of the course and putting sand or salt down on potential slippery sections. Although we do our best to make the course as safe as possible please be aware that because of winter weather the course could have ice, water, and snow on it. Please prepare and plan accordingly and be especially careful around turns and sloped sections.

  • Do I need to ride the bus to the starting line?

    All half marathon and full marathon participants that are not assisted athletes must use the shuttle bus to be transported to the start of the race, except for Thankful. If you are pushing an assisted athlete email info@runtasticevents.com for permits.

  • Can I bring pets?

    No, pets are not allowed on the course or in the start/finish areas. For your pet’s safety and the safety of all event participants, pets are prohibited. Even if they are on a leash they pose a tripping hazard. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

  • Is there a lost and found?

    If you lose an item at the race, please visit the Blue Runtastic Information Tent during the event to see if it has been turned in. Items not picked up at the event will be taken to our office. Please contact us at info@runtasticevents.com Lost items not claimed after one week will be donated.

  • When is the last day to register?

    The last day to register (space permitting) is the morning of the race. See individual races for times. https://runtasticevents.com/

  • Are strollers allowed in the race?

    Yes. Strollers are allowed in all of our 5k, 10k, and kids runs. Strollers are not permitted on the Half Marathon or Full Marathon courses with the exception of the Thankful 13.

  • Can we ride bikes/scooters/skates?

    No. Bikes, scooters, and skates are not allowed on the Runtastic Events course. No exceptions.

  • What if I can’t make it to packet pickup?

    If you can’t make packet pickup and do not know someone who can pick up your packet for you, you can pick up your packet the morning of the race at the info tent for $10.00+ (cash preferred) (see individual races for specific price)

  • When is the cut off time?

    The cut off time for our half marathon events is 3h 15min. For races shorter than a half marathon, the cutoff pace is 15 minutes per mile (if a half is not held in conjunction at the race). Marathons have a cut off time of 6 hours.

  • Are the races timed?

    All the Runtastic Events are professionally timed. The chips will be attached to the back of your bib so please don’t wrinkle or stuff the bib in your pocket.

    NOTE: If you alter or damage your chip your time may not be read correctly. Wear your bib on the outermost layer of clothing. Your chip time will begin when you cross the starting line so you don’t have to be toeing the line.

  • How are the races timed?

    The first 3 places, male and female, will be determined by gun time (regular timing). All other awards will be determined by using Chip Time.

    • Gun Time is the time elapsed from the sound of the gun to the finish line.
    • Chip Time is the real time from when the runner crosses the starting line to crossing the finish line. (Timing chips are disposable & do not need to be returned.)
  • Where can I find my race results?

    Results are available in the following ways:

    • On Screen at the Results Trailer
    • Personal Printed Result at the Results Trailer
    • Online at the sidebar menu of each event page under the tab titled “Results”
  • How do I change race categories?

    Please review the transfer & deferral policies found on sidebar menu of each Event page. The dates and prices change depending on the race.

  • How do I defer races?

    Please review the transfer & deferral policies found on sidebar menu of each Event page. The dates and prices change depending on the race.

  • Can I defer more than once?

    Yes, you can defer/transfer more than once.Please review the Transfer & Deferral Policies for transfer fees and deadlines on each event page

  • Can I do the Kids 1/2 mile run if I am over 12?

    You can run with your kids, you don’t need to sign up. However, only children 12 and under will receive a shirt and medal.

  • Are there discounts for races?

    We offer discounts for volunteering at Runtastic events. Check out our Volunteer page for more details. Sign up 4+ people in one transaction* and get 2.50 off (discount only applies if it is in the same transactions). Sign up for 2 or more races in one transaction** and get a discount (discount only applies if it is in the same transactions)

    *Discounts can’t be combined-if you are using a promo code, make sure you don’t register more than 3 people in one transaction, the automatic multi person discount will override promo codes.

    **Discounts can’t be combined-if you have a promo code-sign up for races separately, the auto multi race discount will override any promo codes

  • Can I volunteer at the same race I want to use my race credit for?

    No, all volunteer credit must be earned at a previous event. Check out our Volunteer page for more details.