Runtastic Events Rules of Competition

Runtastic Events are organized and conducted under the USA Track & Field rules and regulations.

Runtastic Events reserves the right to remove a runner from the course. If, in our judgment, it is possible that serious or fatal injury could result from continued participation.

Non-registered participant pacing is prohibited and may result in disqualification.

Bandits/non registered runners are prohibited and will be pulled off the course and it will result in being banned from any participation in a Runtastic Events race for a minimum of one year.


  • Personal Support Vehicle
  • Drop off at start line by non approved transportation (Half Marathon Only)
  • Baby Strollers (Allowed on 5K only)
  • Rollerblades, bicycles, skateboards, scooters
  • Pets
  • Weapons or potentially harmful objects
  • Costumes that look like weapons


  • Unregistered participant running
  • Unlawful stealing of an official finisher’s medal


Any or all of these will results in disqualification and banning from Runtastic Events for a minimum of 1 Year.

Why this is not allowed

  • Takes up valuable space the race didn’t have and/or wasn’t planning for.
  • Use of official runner services like water stations and port-o-potties and thus create longer lines and cause major problems for the race.
  • Causes traffic congestion getting to the race and taking up parking spaces available at the race.
  • If injured in the race, the race may not be able to identify who the bandit is or have any emergency contact information for help.
  • It poses a security risk, especially with the heightened security measures at races and health concerns at this time due to COVID-19.


We at Runtastic Events pride ourselves on creating a safe and fun environment for our runners. Our team works very hard on providing the best service and experience and making sure we have enough supplies and medals for each of our runners. Bandits take away services and items which were not intended for them. Please think twice before running in a non-registered event as it will result in immediate disqualification from our running events.

Leave No Trace

We promote the movement to Leave No Trace. Please help us preserve and protect the natural beauty of the canyon and course by tossing all trash in receptacles at each aid station or carrying it out with you. We do our best to let you enjoy the impressive beauty of the course unmolested and ask you to help us by doing the same.

Refunds & Transfers

Due to extensive logistical planning and commitments made in the race production process we have a strict no refund policy. We do however have options to change categories, transfer to another Runtastic Race or defer your entry to next year’s race. For more information on this process please visit the event page for the race in question and click the “Transfer & Deferral Policies” tab on the menu on the left hand side of the page to find more specific information.