Admit it! We just run for the BLING! There is nothing quite like a medal being put around your neck after you cross the finish line. Nothing like flashing your medals to your friends with their look of envy. Nothing like displaying your awesome medals somewhere where everyone can see, admire and gawk at while you casually say, “oh, that old thing?” like you didn’t even sweat for it!

Crossing that finish line means you completed it! Conquered it! You should be awarded!

We want to reward you with MORE eye candy to wear around your neck and put on display!

Have we motivated you yet? Put on your running shoes and start chasing after that medal!

Claim your Medal

Our database will record your official results and we can look up your race history when you come to claim your award. After you cross the finish line of your 3rd race* (or when medals are ready) visit the blue Runtastic Info tent in the finish area to claim your Trilogy Medal. Our database will record your official results and we can look up your race history when you come to claim your award. Medals will NOT be shipped out. They are available for pick up after your race at the info tent.

*Only Half and Full Marathons are applicable to the Trilogy.

For all virtual half marathons you will be required to submit a Virtual Trilogy form to verify your completion. If your third race is virtual, once we’ve verified you’ve completed all three we will ship out the Trilogy medal with your virtual race package.

Virtual Submission Form

Here’s How

Run three Runtastic Half Marathons/Full Marathons, in one calendar year, from the races below to qualify for the Trilogy Medal.

Dino Half

Nebo Half/Full

Thankful Half

Timp Half

Haunted  Half – Salt Lake

Heber Half

Haunted Half – Provo

Important Information

There is no additional cost to qualify for the Trilogy Medal. To qualify for the Trilogy your run must be completed at one time. It does not count in separate increments (ie: one full marathon completed doesn’t count as two half marathons completed). Your regular registration and chip time must be recorded to receive the Trilogy Medal. The chips will be attached to the back of your bib number. Please don’t wrinkle or stuff the bib in your pocket. If you alter or damage your chip your time may not be read correctly. Wear your bib on the outermost layer of clothing. 

Looking for a Great Deal?

When you buy a Trilogy Plus Pack you are one step closer to earning the coveted Trilogy Medal. You can choose the 3 or more events (half marathons or marathons) that you plan to run in 2023 to Trilogize. Select a race from the list above to get started!