General Transfers & Deferral Policies

Coronavirus – COVID 19 Update:

We understand that the current health situation may affect your future race plans. We do have a firm no refund policy but do allow transfers and deferrals to another year or to a different Runtastic event. If, in the future, any of our events are postponed or canceled because of the COVID -19, we will waive all transfer or deferral fees. If you need to transfer or defer your race, please visit the event page and click the transfer and deferral policies tab on the left hand side of the page. https://runtasticevents.com/#


Due to extensive logistical planning and commitments made in the race production process, we have a no refund policy. We do understand though that unforeseen injuries and other responsibilities come up and therefore provide options to transfer categories, transfer participants, or defer to another Runtastic Event.


We do allow transfers to a different category, event, or different year.

All transfers and deferrals need to be done BEFORE the event, this includes location events with a virtual event option. The transfer must be done before the location event date.


Defer to next year’s event or to another Runtastic Event.

Selling or giving away a bib-number without completing the Online Participant Transfer is not allowed and will result in disqualification of both the original bib owner and the runner using the bib number. Both runners could be prohibited from participation in a Runtastic Events race for a minimum of one year.

*When transferring or deferring make sure you get a successful transfer page and a confirmation email-otherwise it is not transferred/deferred.

IMPORTANT: Please see each individual event page for specific transfer and deferral pricing and deadlines.

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