Introducing the historic Conquer COVID-19 Virtual Run. Part of your healthy, immune-boosting, self-quarantining, social distancing, sanity-saving pandemic routine.  #IRunResponsibly

You can run, jog, or walk anytime and anywhere (your street preferred).  Everyone is welcome! We are all in this together (responsibly separated by at least 6’).


Date & Location
December 31, 2021

*Your Street Preferred

Marathon: 26.2 miles
Half: 13.1 miles
10K: 6.2 miles
5K: 3.1 miles
Current Pricing
Time left to register: Only 6 hours


Race Shirt (optional)

Finisher Medal

Temp Tattoo

Sticker Decal

How to Complete the Virtual Run

1. Register to run the Conquer COVID-19 virtual Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K, and 5K

2. Run or walk your chosen distance whenever! You can run indoors, outdoors, or on your treadmill.

3. Don’t forget to report your time to be added to our Conquer COVID-19 Virtual Results. The results are just for fun but see where you rank. Submit your Results >

4. Don’t forget to show off your achievement by sharing your photos and tagging us @runtasticvirtual and using #ConquerCOVID19 on social media.

5. Your SWAG will be mailed out to you the beginning of December.

Download Your Digital Race Bib

You will be able to access them in two ways. One way is through your Profile under the Upcoming Events Tab through the View Pre-Race Bib link.

The second way is via the Pre-Race Bib tab on your Registration Management page by logging onto RunSignup, navigating to Profile > Upcoming Events > Manage Registration > Pre-Race Bib.

Post Your Virtual Race Results

For tracking your distance and time, you can use whatever app or system that works best for you. All we need is the finish time. Your confirmation email will have a link to register your race results. Submit your results: Here


Your Finisher Medal, Shirt (Optional), Decal, Temporary Tattoo will be mailed out within 5 business days.

About the Medal

You’ll appreciate all the details in this historic oversized medal.

The front of the medal is a huge roll of toilet paper (sorry, it won’t help with the shortage) with a highly detailed COVID-19 virus spinner in the center.

The back of the medal is chalked full of reminders of how the pandemic has affected our lives; face masks, hand sanitizer, stock market losses, social distancing, and home isolation.

The spinner features a sun with two runners social distancing. Together, exercise and sunlight provide a boost to your immune system, helping you stay healthy and safe (just like handwashing, this will always be the case).

We felt it was important to have the virus on one side and the things we can do to conquer the virus on the other.

The lanyard sports a realistic virus on one side and measuring tape on the other so that in a pinch you can use it to make sure you are practicing adequate social distancing.

Price Available Until MarathonHalf10K5K
July, 31 $28$28$28$28

Race Shirt (Optional) – $10