Run For Mental Health

We are running for Mental Health. At RMH we are High School & Community Focused. Our mission is to provide resources and a community for those struggling with depression, anxiety, addiction. Suicide prevention in teens, adults, and veterans. #RMH

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Your Tribe Clothing Co.

A T-Shirt Company created by a teenager & his family to help empower teens, parents, teachers, and families to “Speak Up” through customizable clothing and their many “words” designed to inspire others to open up, share and heal.

50% of the proceeds are used to provide schools and communities the tools necessary to help save lives by means of suicide awareness training, marketing, and by providing resources to schools and organizations in our communities.

Our mission is to lower suicide rates by bringing awareness and hope to those dealing with any form of mental illness by providing mental health resources. We aim to end mental health stigma and empower those suffering, with the tools, and resources to navigate life.

Do you want us to help your school?

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