Races change us and create memorable experiences, especially when we’re running for a cause. We want to hear your stories. Did you get a huge PR? Do you have a personal connection to one of our charities? Whatever it may be we appreciate you taking time to share your experience with us.

“Had a great run today! Beautiful views and great people. For sure will do it again!”

-Shaun N.

“My family and I really enjoyed the Dino theme, and the course is outstanding!”

-Brian G.

“Absolutely loved this race! The Runtastic team did an amazing job ensuring that every little detail was worked out and was top notch. It was totally worth the 7 hour drive out to Vernal. I’m already counting down the days until the 2018 Dino Half! Great job!”

-Candace T.

“Great scenic course and well run event. Very fast course if you’re looking for a PR!”

-Jim K.

“Great race! Beautiful course and fun finishers’ medal. Thanks for the great time!”

-Tayna H.

“I love the course, the medals, the aid stations, and the awards. The kids-k makes my younger children feel like Rock Stars!!!”

-Arlene S.