Runtastic Ambassador Program

Interested in becoming a race Ambassador for Runtastic Events?

If you are ready for an exciting experience to promote your lifestyle, and if you find joy in helping others stay in shape, this is the opportunity for you!  Whether you’re a runner or fitness fanatic, there are many perks of joining the Runtastic Influencer program. The Runtastic Events team relies on word-of-mouth and social media marketing to spread the word about our events and the worthwhile causes they support. Influencers are an essential part of our team. Through your support, we can reach a much broader audience and motivate more people to participate and keep fit. 

As a Runtastic Ambassador, you will be our number one-fan, our inspiration spreader, and local motivator.  No matter if you’re a daily runner, first time 5K’er or a seasoned marathoner, we want to work with you. In order to make this mutually wonderful for you and for the race, we do have some expectations of our race ambassadors. 

Apply below to be considered for a position as a Runtastic Events Ambassador. If you are in consideration as an ambassador we will send you a list of perks and responsibilities. We are excited to work with you!


  • Tell us why you would make a great Runtastic Events Ambassador and Influencer in your community