Admit it! We just run for the BLING! There is nothing quite like a medal being put around your neck after you cross the finish line. Nothing like flashing your medals to your friends with their look of envy. Nothing like displaying your awesome medals somewhere where everyone can see, admire and gawk at while you casually say , “oh, that old thing?” like you didn’t even sweat for it!

Crossing that finish line means you completed it! Conquered it! You should be awarded!

We want to reward you with MORE eye candy to wear around your neck and put on display!

When your friends see you with our coveted additional Trilogy Medal around your neck they’ll have nothing to give but MAD PROPS!

Have we motivated you yet? (because that’s what we need as runners… motivation. So we’re using the old proverbial carrot in front of the horse tactic.)

So here’s how to receive your carrot! Er… Medal!

Run 3 qualifying races (half marathons or full marathons) put on by, Runtastic Events and at the finish of your 3rd race you will be awarded with the Trilogy Medal!

Put on your running shoes and start chasing after that carrot!