Race Director

Race Director –  This is for all the GLORY!  Runtastic Events has many races.  Each race has its own feel and flavor; its own uniqueness!  With so many events organize and operate it good to have a Race Director for each event who’s sole focus is just over that one race.


  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Business Relations
  • Volunteers


  1.       Pre Race Monthly Meeting (12 months to 8 months before)
  2.       Pre Race bimonthly Meetings (7 months to 5 months before)
  3.       Pre Race Weekly Meetings (4 months before to race week)
  4.       2 Post Race Meetings
  5.       Race Week Full Time
  6.       Weekend Availability to advertise at other races/expos
  7.       Use of Google docs, excel, word, word press
  8.       Supervisory roles and attendance at other Runtastic Events

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