Participant Relations Manager

Participant Relations Manager – This is a daily job mostly answering emails and peoples race questions.


  • Email Correspondance

You will get emails about discounts, Transfers, registrations, race info, sponsorships, etc.

Plan and execute ways for people who email you to receive things like awards, shirts, clothing, medals, stickers, etc

You will be in charge of responding to emails for:

-Frigid 5K

-Dino Half

-Run of Remembrance

Timp Half

-Nebo Marathon

-Haunted Half (All)

-Thankful 13

  • Facebook Posts and Messages

Respond to Facebook messages and posts.  This includes liking other peoples posts.

  • Help out at the Info Booth at Packet Pickup before the event


  • Read and Respond to all emails twice a day. This should typically be done once in the morning and once in the afternoon or at night and should take somewhere between 1-2 hours typically.
  • Respond to each Facebook page post and Message twice a day
  • Update Race Entry, Facebook Pages as necessary
  • Come to office for needed supplies
  • Weekly in office meeting

Pay: $11/hr



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