Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: Can I get a refund, defer, or transfer my race entry?

A: Due to extensive logistical planning and preparation for a race, we do not allow refunds. We do however have options to defer to next years race, transfer to another Runtastic Events race, transfer to another person or change your race category:

$8* fee up to 3 weeks before the event

$15* fee for 21 days before the event

$20* fee for 3 days before the event

$25*fee for 24 hours before the event


*plus price difference of race.

Bib numbers are NON-TRANSFERABLE. The unauthorized selling and/or giving away of a bib-number is not allowed and will result in disqualification of both the original bib owner and the runner using the bib number. Both runners will be prohibited from participation in a Runtastic Events race for a minimum of one year.
Please use the transfer/deferral process provided if you need to sell/transfer your race bib.

You can use the participant self management link found on the race website.

*When transferring or deferring make sure you get a successful transfer page and a confirmation email-otherwise it is not transferred/deferred.


Q: Can I pick up someone else’s bib number?

A: You may pick up someone else’s bib number with a copy of their photo ID with a signed note. This can be saved to your phone or printed.


Q: Can I pick up my bib the morning of the race?

A: We do not have packet pick up the morning of the race. If for some reason you are unable to pick up your packet email us at info@runtasticevents.com


Q: Can I run with a stroller?

A: Our 5k courses are family friendly. Therefore we do accept strollers.

Those being pushed in a stroller will not be timed, or receive a finisher medal.

Strollers are NOT allowed on Half Marathon and/or Marathon Courses, with the exception of Thankful 13.

With permission in advance, we do allow our assisted athletes who use custom racing chairs on the Half course.


Q: Are pets allowed on the course.

A: Though pets make great running partners, we do not allow pets on our course for liability reasons as well as runner safety.


Q: If I drop clothing on the course, how will I retrieve it?

A: Our team works very hard to keep the courses clean so we can be welcomed back. We ask that you do not drop clothing and items anywhere on the course and if you do, please drop your items at an aid station. If you have items you have dropped on the course they will be donated.


Q: Is there a time limit for the half marathon?

A: We do have a time limit for our marathons and half marathon events.

The time limit for the marathon, is 6 hours. (13.44 minute mile)

The time limit for the Half Marathon is 3 hours and 15 minutes. (14.53 minute mile)


Q: What happens if I come in after the time limit?

A: You will not be pulled off the course. After the time limit the runner is not guaranteed barricade or police support and the runner is also not guaranteed an official time.

(During our clean up the finish line is the last thing to be picked up. If we are still at the finish line you will still receive a medal and possibly a time.)


Q: Why is there a time limit?

A: Our races require permits from many entities such as Forest Service, City, County etc. These entities approve the permits based on certain time restraints. This is done so the public can be informed of when to expect road closures and delays.

Our Barricade, and Port-a-potty companies, as well as our volunteers and police services need to know and plan on a time commitment.



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